Philosophy Of Law Personal Statement

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Personal Statement Essay
People often shy away from challenges and being challenged yet others like myself [strive at it and] embrace it. In college, I chose to study philosophy primarily because its’ challenging and it was. Certainly, law is challenging too and I believe in the end such challenges will make me a stronger, smarter and far better citizen as well as make me a more productive member of the community and society al large.
Ever since I can remember, I always felt that education was a requirement and not an option. Perhaps because in my family education had been the tradition as far back as to my grandparents and their parents. It is through the education that I believe will enable me to achieve my full potential and bring out
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From each legal theory I learned something new and different about justice, fairness and law. I learned that what the law "ought to be" is different from what the law "is", knowing the differences between the two allowed me to separate moral reasoning and analytical reasoning. Most interesting and important I learned that justice is, eventually, according to the law. Whereas previously I thought justice was not limited to the law that justice was always above the law, not below it. This course helped me develop clear understanding and rationality of law, justice and fairness; what constitutes justice, how laws are created and how it operates, as well as how it shapes social institutions. I believe law is intrinsically valuable and …show more content…
After an exhaustive study of cases and decisions I learned that it is lawyers that actually argue, support and defend the constitution. It is lawyers that help people to fight for legal rights and that they also challenge and expand the legal system to its limits and best of its potentiality. It is in my opinion that perhaps without lawyers we would not have as much rights, benefits and protections that we take for granted and enjoy it. For instance, would there have been so many legal rights for injuries, accidents, defamations, nuisances, equalities or rights for woman and gays among many more. I learned that constitution did not just gave all of this automatically from within but that it was principles in the constitution fought by lawyers that shed the light on all of this and much more. This course taught me that law is full of potentials. That law is always growing and learning. I am eager to be part of this great system where I am able to learn and grow as well as helping those in need. The constitution is powerful and I want to be among those that preserve, protect and participate in it- it is truly the

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