Sounder's Character From The Play 'Our Town'

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As the Stage Manager in Our Town said, “Life goes on.” This quotation reveals that everything has a beginning and an ending. The play by Thornton Wilder, and Sounder by William H. Armstrong, contain three perfect examples of people who had survived as their loved ones passed away. These character examples are the boy from the novel Sounder, and George and Editor Webb from the play. The boy lost his father, and his dog. George lost his wife, Emily, and his mother, Mrs. Gibbs. Finally Editor Webb lost Emily, and Wally. These characters, despite their losses, continued their life productively. Almost everyone has the same pattern in life, birth, love, loss, and death.
The boy from Sounder lost his dad, and his dog which he truly cared for. He functioned in a hard life already and this probably made him a little depressed. Before they both passed away, a teacher introduced him to his school and his home. The teacher invited the boy to stay with him and go to his school. After the boy graduated from his teacher’s school, he went to college and earned a degree in teaching, himself. He later became a professor and taught black and white students. His teacher was a great mentor and showed that anyone can make a difference. Also, even after many years
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Soames from the play, Our Town, said “My, wasn’t life awful-and wonderful.” She says this to clarify that life had ups and downs. Too many people take advantage of life, until they are no longer living, and are among the dead. George lost his wife Emily, which he grew up with most of his life. Emily died in childbirth with their second son. Before Emily passed, George organized an exquisite farm to grow up on. He maintained, and lodged in the farm. Once Emily died, he might have gone to agriculture school, to follow his dreams, and flourish as a farmer. After that he probably shifted to become a farmer for the rest of his life. He might of passed it down to his son to continue the legacy, just like his uncle did to

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