George Milton Character Analysis Essay

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Anna Cruz
Mrs. Foldenaur
Honors English 10
4 January 2017
Character Analysis Paper - George Milton “For a moment the place was lifeless, and then the two men emerged from the path and came into the opening by the green pool. They had walked in single file down the path, and even in the open one stayed behind the other.” (Steinbeck, 2) In this quote, the readers are given a brief introduction to the two main characters. Even without spoken words, the readers are given the impression that one of the men is more dominant than the other, as he walks in the front. The two characters are George and Lennie, who are shown travelling together. They travel, work, and live with each other, but George is the one who is typically in control. George Milton
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Through George, readers are able to see what the Great Depression was like for people living during the time. He has to work exceedingly hard to earn even a decent living, which he is having trouble doing. Also, readers are able to tell that his economic situation makes him a bit bitter, which can be related to the people of the Great Depression. George occasionally becomes full of negative emotion when he thinks about his situation. For example, at the beginning, George blew up at Lennie for losing their old job. This scene of his was a reflection of how people felt when they were jobless during the Depression. “If I was alone I could live so easy. I could go get a job an’ work an’ no trouble. No mess at all, and when the end of the month come I could take my fifty bucks and go into town and get whatever I want… An’ whatta I got… I got you! You can’t keep a job and you lose me every job I get. Jus’ keep shovin’ all over the country all the time.” (Steinbeck, 11) Through this quote, readers are able to see, through George, the frustration that came with the hardships of the Great Depression. He also kind of hints about how hard it was to get and keep jobs during that time period. George’s character provides readers with a realistic outlook on what the Great Depression was really …show more content…
Though he is normally tough and somewhat unfeeling, George does have a protective side. Throughout the book, readers view George doing many things out of protection for Lennie. He is willing to do what it takes to protect those he cares about. When Lennie killed Curley’s Wife, George did his best to protect Lennie. He went to go help him get away, and also protects him from the suffering that would have come with a shot to the gut by Curley. George shot Lennie in a way that pain would be absent, protecting him from suffering. “He said sharply, ‘I ain’t gonna let ‘em hurt Lennie. Now you listen. The guys might think I was in on it. I’m gonna go to the bunk house. Then in a minute you come out and tell the guys about her, and I’ll come along and make like I never seen her.’” (Steinbeck, 95) This quote gives the readers an example of George’s protectiveness of Lennie. Readers are able to tell that he doesn’t want Lennie to get hurt, showing the pertinence of George’s protective side. George, though usually seen as rough and tough, does in fact have a side to him that is protective and caring for

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