`` Souls `` : The Veil Lifted Between Life And Death Essay

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Souls In Transit Experiencing the veil lifted between life and death.

My beloved sister, Mary, 15 months my senior, began receiving hospice care, on June 12, 2000, having been diagnosed with lung cancer in March of 1999. Following three rounds of chemotherapy and one round of radiation, tragically, tests in late April of 2000, revealed distant metastases, involving her bones—hips and spine, brain and liver. Mary had spent much of May, and the beginning of June in and out of the hospital due to pneumonia, a pneumothorax and chronic, unabated pain. She and I traveled to the famed M.D. Anderson Cancer Clinic in Houston, in mid-May, searching for the smallest ray of hope. There was none to be found.
Mary’s cancer journey was long, arduous and detailed; however the story I’m sharing details a specific incident near the end of her journey. I believe it is an incident that engages one’s beliefs, and raises questions about our connection to the spirit world.
I arrived at the home of Mary’s fiancé, on June 14th and stayed until Mary’s death on June 24th. A day after my arrival, hospice arranged for a hospital bed to be set up in the dining room of the home, centrally located, providing easy access. Many family members and friends visited daily, showering Mary with love and support; lightening the burden of sorrow for all of us. The hospice nurses and caregivers, as well as her family doctor, were the epitome of compassion.
As hospice provides palliative care, Mary was…

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