Similarities Between Jane Austen And Charles Darwin

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People can come from different walks of life with different ideas in mind, and have unexpected similarities. This applies to Charles Darwin and Jane Austen. Charles Darwin, the author of The Origin of Species studies biology and Jane Austen, the author of Pride and Prejudice studies life from a psychologist and sociologist point of view. Both authors touch very different subjects in their books. However, they have unexpected similarities that is discovered in their books. Both Charles Darwin and Jane Austen are so different, yet the same.
Jane Austen and Charles Darwin are two very different people with different interest, but through their works of literature, they share various similarities. In this essay I will discuss the similarities of how Darwin and Austen analyze their specimens to gather information. In addition, I will discuss the similarities in which Austen and Darwin present their discoveries to their audience. Darwin’s specimens are animals, and he analyzes them to the core to focus on their biological make-up and behavior, to determine ultimately determine how they survive. For instance, Darwin studies the wood
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The way in which they gathered information is almost identical. Both Austen and Darwin analyzed their subjects in such a way that they were able to gather information about their “specimens” specific environments. In addition, Darwin and Austen are similar to one another based on how they present their discoveries. They used their subjects to create theories that would explain their discoveries. Darwin created the theory of survival of the fittest while Austen created the theory that all single rich men want to be married. Ultimately, Darwin and Austen are scientists that uses similar strategies that most scientists use to gather information and present their

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