Sonic Marketing Strategy Essay

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1. What types of businesses appear to fit Melody’s market definition? How can you research the number of employees and find other data about these types of businesses?

Any big corporate business that requires a device to stay in touch with business colleagues, coordinate their busy schedules, and have constant access to work information at a given moment appear to fit Melody’s market definition. There are many types of businesses that fit this market definition: government contractors; manufacturing companies; transportation companies; banking, finance and insurance companies; and distribution and service companies.

You can research the number of employees by looking at this website:
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Sonic should also stress to their distributors and retail partners to learn about the Sonic 1000 capabilities and unique features and to ensure communications with customers are positive and polite.

In order to achieve brand bonding, Sonic can also promise to consumers that the Sonic brand will be attractive and likeable because of its unique features such as voice recognition and value-added pricing which makes it different from the competition and that the Sonic 1000 will be flexible, transferable, and adaptable over time with new upgraded multimedia communication, networking, and entertainment features to be included in the follow-on Sonic All Media 2000 PDAs.

3. Should Sonic add a brand for its second product or retain the Sonic name?

The power of a brand is maintained in the minds of consumers, thus Sonic should retain the Sonic name as a brand extension for its second product, the Sonic All Media 2000, in order to maintain brand awareness and create, maintain, or strengthen the brand identity and image that will be familiar to consumers and competitors alike. Keeping the Sonic brand name will improve the odds of the new product acceptance and success because consumers will have perceived ideas and expectations about the quality of the new product based on their knowledge and experience with the parent brand. Introducing a second

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