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In The Middle Hannah Baker, recorded on seven different tapes her thirteen reasons as to why she committed suicide. Throughout her story she tells of the hardships she went through when she came to her new school and the rumors that began to spread once she started fitting in with the students. The song “Bruised and Scarred” by Mayday Parade relates to a specific scene in this book. The song describes a couple who had a first kiss and it seemed as if things were supposed to be so

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In the song the main singer talks about a girl who seems so perfect and how she never was and never will be who she portrays herself to be. It also talks about how the girl betrayed the one singing the song and in the end will become everybody’s fool. Meaning, one day everyone will figure out she is not who she says she is. Now in the story Courtney was exactly the person this song describes. She pretends to be Hannah’s friend but really it was all an act to make people think she is so kind and genuine but really she is cold hearted and could care less to have a friend like Hannah.
All of the bullying, whispers, and dirty looks Hannah got caused so much pain for her. The song “Adam’s Song” by Blink 182, is a perfect song to describe and relate to the way Hannah was feeling at that time. The song is about a boy who never thought he would do something to the extent of committing suicide. He was outgoing and he laughed all the time, but something made him so depressed he did not have the strength to go on with his life. Hannah’s situation was very similar to this. Before she came to this new school she was a happy girl, she never knew that something like suicide would ever cross her mind. The rumors and bullying caused so much hurt she had no strength to go on, and took the easy way out. Which was not the smart way but there is
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