Type Theory Of Personality Essay

1. Some of the basic issues of personality theory are how to answer the following questions, what is the unconscious? We are influenced by own internal forces, forces of which we are unaware, have feelings towards, or urges we do not quite understand. “We face the battle of conscious versus unconscious determinates of behavior” (p. 17). This is the struggle that personality psychology tries to understand, how and to what extent the unconscious forces plays a role in human behavior. Are there differences between men and women? “Why do men often seem more aggressive, dominate, antisocial, and better at preforming mathematical and spatial tasks? Why are women generally more socially connected, more prone to depression, and more nurturant?
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Type theories of personality explains personality on the basis pf physique and temperament. Temperament is the emotion aspect of the personality, for example changes in mood, tensions, excitement, etc. Trait theories of personality are measureable aspects of personality, groups of personality traits are known as personality factors or dimensions personality. Psychoanalytic is Sigmund Freud’s approach to understanding personality. The structures of this aspect was based on id, ego, and super ego, with key concepts of the psychosexual stages, Oedipus complex, and defense mechanisms. The main strength of this perspective was to focus on the unconscious influences and the importance of sexual drives in nonsexual spheres. Aspect of personality also had key …show more content…
One of the most commonly used projective text is the Thematic Appreciation Test (p.49) which requires the participant to make up a story that includes that will happen in the future about a picture that is presented. Personality assessment techniques are threatened by the over generalization phenomenon of the Bernum effect, clinicians are ready to accept vague personality descriptions. Good assessments should reveal what is special or different about the person being assessed. The thematic appreciation test attempts to see how a person places order on a vague stimulus. Projective tests, make assumptions about the nature of personality and behavior, like all personality test. Projective test assume that these are deep basic motivational patterns, these patterns show up in how respond to perceptual

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