Solution Of Air Pollution

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With the introduction of the automobile at the end of the 19th century, who would have thought it would lead to brown clouds and toxic rain? But here it is over a 100 years later and the world literally has made a mess of things, especially the air. Of course cars are not the only contributor, but energy in general is a main source of our planet 's air pollution problem. All world citizens should be aware of this sometimes visible but sometimes invisible hazard in the air that all humans are forced to breathe to some degree. Lucky are those who live away from the cities, as the problem is not as obvious, but it needs to be a concern for all, as those dust clouds of chemicals follow the wind and rivers to rural parts of the landscape. Most …show more content…
One of the biggest contributions people can make is using more energy efficient appliances and tools in addition to "reducing, reusing, and recycling." There are many behaviors and activities in peoples ' daily lives that take a toll on the air we breathe, but because everyone thinks that all of it is essential to living, they refuse to let them go. Some behaviors and activities are necessary but there certainly are ways to accomplish those tasks in more efficient ways that don 't contribute to the problem. Simple things like sharing rides through public transportation or car pooling are a great way to get around town (Causes, Effects and Solutions) . Despite a little bit of inconvenience, it’s affordable, has a low risk of danger, and most of all it allows many people to use minimal vehicles instead of filling the highways with hundreds of more vehicles that pollute the air. Biking is another mode a transportation that is virtually pollution free and helps reduce emissions. Other choices that help reduce air pollution include the use of efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs and making sure all of the lights are turned off when leaving a room. This reduces the amount of fossil fuels being burned which in turn means less air pollution. Recycling also prevents the burning of excess fossil fuels. It saves energy, trees, and water, which are all crucial things for sustaining life on a very populated planet. By recycling things like steel, newspaper, plastic, or glass, up to 95 percent of the energy required to make these products from raw materials is saved (Green Living). The problem of air pollution presents at least four major key points of concern: climate change, loss of biodiversity, water quality, and health impacts on humans and animals. There are many directions to take that can help solve this issue, including: technology, efficiency, sacrifice, recycling, and working from

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