Analysis Of Planet Ecology By Flannery O Connor

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On the other hand, O’Connor in her book tells a story of the endangered and extinct species such as desert pupfish. She examines how the extinct species such as dinosaurs could be brought back. She explores the extreme measures scientists are taking to try and save them, from captive breeding and genetic management to de-extinction. O’Connor points out to the fact that people find it difficult to understand that they are responsible for destroying the planet ecology and this ignorance can even lead to the destruction of human being and different species. When people become ignorant they become partakers of the persuasion that can bring extinction and total destruction of humanity and environment.
O’Connor states that due to this ignorance
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To them the human activities have tampered with planet earth and this has lead to extinction and also could lead to the sixth extinction. O’Connor points to the fact that there has been so many species that has been extinct due to the climate changes and human activities such as the pupfish and the dinosaurs. Similarly, Kolbert points that pest species such as mosquitoes, ticks and bark beetles are pulled apart as they are pushed to native ranges. This means that in one way or the other they are both speaking of an extinction that could be more dangerous. For instance, the ticks, mosquitoes and beetles though considered harmful do have their own role to play in the world that we are living in and if they will be extinct from the earth then it will be a danger to other species. Consequently, if the sixth extinction takes place this will be a disaster. Both of them shares on how such extinction can be prevented and this is by ensuring that people change their ways in order to mitigate the climate change. Kolbert argues that the oceans are rising due to increase of temperature caused by human activities and this could bring about the extinction of the coral reef and other sea species. On the other hand, O’Connor argues that Pupfish and Dinosaurs have been extinct due to human activities. Both of them are concerned with the activities that lead to these extinctions and finds ways to preserve the already …show more content…
It is clear that the green science and clean energy project will bring normalcy to the climate and this will mitigate the problems of global warming. For instance, we all know that the greenhouse effect is enhanced by the human activities such as deforestation, burning of fossil fuels and industries. All these continue to add a lot of carbon dioxide into the air and if all the human activities could be controlled then the climate changes that could lead to sixth extinction and other species extinction and be a danger to the human being could be mitigated. According to Kolbert human activities are making the ocean to rise and also tampering with the season, which causes death and extinction. Therefore, employing the green science could combat the rising of temperatures and clean energy project as suggested by McDonough and O’Connor respectively.
On a similar note, Kolbert states that due to ignorance people continue to use the world’s atmosphere as an open sewer as we dump over 90 million tons of gaseous waste. Therefore, human being needs to be educated on the dangers that their activities pose on the planet earth and how they contribute to climate change. As suggested by McDonough we need to reduce the amount of toxins in a product, recycle goods and fix the existing ecosystem by persuading the designers and manufacturers to

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