The Effects Of Air Pollution In The City Of Chicago

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The City of Chicago received a F for the cleanliness of the air we breathe again. New reports show that the air has not improved since last year. The American Lung Association ranked the City of Chicago as the 14th most poluted city in the nation in the “State of the Air 2014”.The City of Chicago was also ranked the 20th most ozone-polluted and year-round particle pollution. Particle pollution is a mixture of solid and liquid particles found the air. This was the ranking last year. Altgeld Gardens is located in what is called a “toxic doughnut” because it has high rates of environmentally-related problems.The Medical University of South Carolina conducted an investigation on the environmental health risks on the Altgeld Gardens community. The …show more content…
These fumes also cause deadly diseases such as the ones listed above. The percent of the population that air pollution really affects is the population that consists of young children and young adults because they are more susceptible to the deadly diseases that come along with having dangerous levels of air pollution in the atmosphere but even though they are more susceptible to the deadly diseases that does not mean that there are not older people that have these deadly diseases. In the April of 2014 WHO announced that in 2012 about 3.7 million people died from their exposure to air pollution all of these people were under the age of 60. The reason as to why most of the shall I say victims of these deadly diseases are under 60 is because they are the people that are out and about breathing the outdoor polluted air. But since then that number has decreased because of the efforts and laws that the Environmental Protection Agency also known as the EPA has passed to make the air in the City of Chicago cleaner and healthier for the citizens of Chicago to breathe. Air pollution is a big issue in chicago but it is an issue that many citizen don’t know about. Some people know about but they are not really taking this as a serious issue. It is a serious issue because it is a “silent killer”. There has been efforts to let the citizens of Chicago know about air pollution and the diseases air pollution can cause this happens during the National Air Quality Awareness week is from April 27 to May 1. During that week the Chicago Department Of Public Health is making the citizens of Chicago aware of the different ways in which they can improve and/or affect the quality of the air in the City of Chicago. Most of the things the citizens can do to affect and/or improve the air are very relatively

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