Solar Power Vs Solar Energy

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At a whopping 15 million degrees C, the 4.6 billion year old sun is responsible for Earth 's climate and weather. We rely so much on the sun without even realizing it—it 's the reason we even exist. Dennis Cui from Young Scientists Journal says that "The Sun has been, and always will be, the Earth 's largest energy reservoir-it powers every living system, from plant photosynthesis to every node of the food web. Humans, like all other organisms, depend on sunlight" (6-10). Why not use the sun even more? Taking the sun 's energy to create a harmless, clean source of power is better than most of our current means of power. Solar power is already implemented in everyday things. For example, ever notice new street lights or new crosswalk traffic signs? Notice the small black panels on the tops of those? That 's solar power, and it 's in places you wouldn 't even think. Some franchises, like Target, have some of their buildings powered with solar power, by having dozens of solar panels on their roofs! Solar power is a form of energy that is better for the environment and is an expensive but efficient upgrade.
The power we currently use, aside from fossil fuels, is hydropower and wind power. Hydropower is the conversion of fast flowing water through turbines to produce power. As an author
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A writer on USA Today, Sammy Roth, says that the Southern California desert is home to the world 's largest solar power plant. Near Joshua Tree National Park, the solar plant generates enough electricity to power 160,000 average California homes. During the construction of it, thousands of jobs were created along with 15 permanent jobs (Roth). If The solar power plant can power that many homes, imagine what 50 more of those same size solar plants could do. That 's 8,000,000 average homes. Having solar power country-wide can power all of the United States efficiently and

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