Solar Energy: The Benefits Of Solar Energy

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Sustainability is defined as “transforming our ways of living to maximize the chances that environmental and social conditions will indefinitely support human security, wellbeing, and health.” Per our text page 416. Scientist have been warning for years of climate change due to the constant endangerment to the environment by humans. In our past few chapter assignment we looked at global warming and what we can do to change our everchanging climate. How population growth is vastly endangering our environment. What can we do to go green here in the united states and how to eliminate Co2 in our environment? Iceland’s struggles with power and what is the US doing that is causing us struggles as well. Lastly, we learned about solar power and how we can utilize the sun to make economical and efficient use of the sun to generate us endless supplies of energy forever. This interests me because it is something that we already have that we can harness and use instead wasting some much gas, oil, coal, and …show more content…
However, if we are going leave a planet for future generations we all need to practice sustainability. The greatest advantages of solar energy are that it is completely free and is available in a limitless supply. I am horrible when it comes to our environment. We leave lights and televisions on constantly. Recycling who has time for that? We all need to make the time for our future and earth. I have learned that it takes all of us to make earth more sustainable but, individually we can also do a lot by simply recycling, taking shorter showers, and turning off lights when not in use. We have converted to LED lighting in our home to conserve energy but you can exactly do that if you don’t turn things off. I would love if we could convert to solar panels and have free energy. Maybe one day we will all be living off solar

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