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General Purpose: The purpose of my speech is to persuade my speakers to take action and help lower global warming by putting laws in place.
Specific Purpose: Persuade my peers/audience to take action.
Central Idea: Inform my classmates, about the impact that certain actions are doing on our planet. Introduction A popular topic that has been flying around for a few years has been the topic of global warming. Scientists started looking into and doing research on global warming back in the 1970’s. But evidence from the conducted experiments did not show any signs of CO2 emission. It seems that many people have opinions in this area, and there are many studies and theories over that subject. But do we know exactly what global warming is?
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What is global warming?
a. Global warming is the increase in the temperature of the entire earth.
i. As the temperature increases the atmosphere is being damaged by the increased levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) produced by the greenhouse effect. ii. The greenhouse effect is the trapping of the sun’s warmth in the planet’s lower atmosphere due to the greater clarity, or transparency, of the atmosphere to visible radiation from the sun than to infrared radiation emitted from the planet’s surface. iii. Many people may think that global warming is caused by only humans but that is not true, there are natural causes that cause global
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Rise in sea levels vi. More extreme storms.
c. The climate changes that our planet is experiencing will start to threat many animals in the polar areas. With the ice caps melting it will, destroy the safety zone for many species. Also with the rising water levels it causes drastic flooding and droughts to occur.
Actions to Prevent Global Warming/ Solutions
1. What can you do to help?
a. There are many simple ways that people can help the environment, and help reduce global warming. Although many will think ‘I am only one person how much can I really help’, you are one of many who may think that. But all effort helps to protect our planet.
i. We could start with using renewable energy- convert our current energy systems to ones that are cleaner and healthier for the environment. Which means we need to be less dependent on resources such as; coal and other fossil fuels. ii. Increase gas mileage for vehicles- make the fuel efficiency better iii. Reduce deforestation- when we cut down the trees and other plants we are damaging/destroying our planet. The trees help cycle out the bad gases that we do not need in our atmosphere.
2. Which states are working to help prevent global

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