The Role Of Nature And Adaptation To Climate Change

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This memorandum is designated for U.S. Operations and is to be read by the Task Force Leader. It covers the role of nature and the adaptation to climate change.
The global environmental crisis of climate change has resulted from a process called the greenhouse effect. This is a disturbance of the energy balance of the Earth that results in a rise in surface temperature when there is an atmospheric increase in the concentration of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2). 1
To understand the current complexities of climate change it is of the up most impotence that the Task Force is up to date on global climate change and the role of adaptation in regards to this change. Additionally, an evaluation of foreign countries and the status of
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These are irreversible in the life time of one human cycle, meaning that future generations will suffer greatly. 4 The role of adaptation to climate change is biggest when considering population levels. Globally, “The world’s population was about 7 billion in 2010 and is expected to grow much more. The expected growth is highest in parts of the world that are vulnerable to hunger and adverse climate conditions…” 5 Solutions for these pressing issues through governmental intervention are being discussed internationally. As of now the “… noble intention of feeding the ever growing population has proven to be efficient in some parts of the world, until now it has failed - at the same time - to provide food security for many parts of the world”. 5 These perspectives are of major concern in the adaptation to climate change because agricultural innovation is needed to overcome droughts and the changing seasons in order to continue to supply the world with …show more content…
These are examples to the adaptation occurring as a result of climate change. Some populations have also raised their homes to overcome floods, others have moved and settle elsewhere, while some government agencies and programs have begun planting salt-resilient crops as well as stored fresh water. Additionally, the United Nations Development Programme who’s mission includes helping out coastal regions to develop adaptation to their changing environment and implement action have innovated coastal regions with the actions mentioned above. 7 With the climate change weather phenomena, the role of adaptation plays a significant part in managing stability. The way to re-enforce is by upgrades to areas that are weak, also creating warning pamphlets to distribute to populations of upcoming threats, and establish emergency plans by government organizations. 2 Adaptation to climate change requires the heads of states to develop a plan of action that can be implemented with ease and is flexible to communities that are in

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