Essay on Solar Energy Is Essential For The Life Earth

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The world population increases every day, and so does the need for energy. The only problem is that much of the energy society uses is non-renewable, meaning once a source is diminished it can no longer be used again. The solution is to use the most abundant energy source that burns bright in the sky every day, the sun. The energy given off by the sun can be harnessed to create electricity, and that electricity can be stored for later use. According to the website Altenergy, “The average star, like the sun, is similar to a fusion reactor that has been giving off energy for over four billion years…that provides enough energy after just one minute to supplement the world’s energy for one year.” (Alt) With the large amount of energy given off by the sun people of the world can potentially access renewable energy and become more energy independent.
Solar energy is essential for the life on earth. The sun provides food for plants through photosynthesis, which according to The Columbia Encyclopedia is the “ultimate source of all food.” (Columbia) Solar energy is key to making fossil fuels and other organic fuels that society uses every day, but the heavy reliance and over use of these sources have made mankind look into alternative fuels. The first discovery of harnessing solar power was in 1767, when a Swiss scientist, Horace de Saussure, built the first thermal solar collector that was at a later time used to heat water and cook food. Clarence Kemp was the first US citizen to…

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