Essay about Sof Optics

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Sof-Optics, Inc.
1. See attached slide on final page
2. There are a number of problems facing Sof-Optics (detailed below). The most severe problems are in the CSR department:
a. Major problems:
i. Going forward, Sof-Optics will be under pressure to lower prices since B&L (the industry leader) just slashed prices by 25%. This is especially troubling, given the point that follows… ii. Loss of customers (and sales) due to long customer service wait times or lack of phone lines available (i.e., getting a busy signal). Given that this is a high fixed cost industry, volume is especially important so that Sof-Optics can remain competitive on price and cover their high fixed costs of production. iii. The company had higher than
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The DEOs could then enter this info directly from the customer, which would reduce time required for the reps. ii. Reduce volume: Continue to pursue the consignment program. This will reduce the number of orders coming in, since re-orders tend to occur once per week once consignment is set up. This also reduces the high number of returns which result for misfit.
c. Better balance volume with capacity
i. Push volume to mornings and evenings: Since the worst wait times are in the middle of the day, they should try to push volume to the mornings or evenings in possible. They could do this either voluntary (ask customers to call back during certain time in the future) or involuntarily (restrict hours for certain calls)
– but those should only do it involuntarily for non-value added calls (e.g., status checks). 1. Status checks: They could limit the times when they do status checks to
8-10 and 2-5 (or something like that). Using their automated routing system, customers selecting the option to check order status could receive an automated message that says to call back during these times.
This would have to be weighed against the reduction is service that customers would experience as a result of the change. ii. Hire more CSRs and add lines: This, of course, would only be a last resort if all other steps fail, but it’s possible that they simply need more capacity to handle their future volume. Given the low

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