What Or Who Is A Foreman?

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1. Each morning Mr. Wheeler wakes up and begins his day with cereal and a toasted egg sandwich.

You’ve probably heard the question, “Are some people are born talented?” This could not be more false. Talent starts with an enormous amount of practice, experience, dedication and grit. At Midwest Group, foreman Tim Wheeler displays just that. At the age of 20, he began drywall work in the residential construction industry, opening a door towards becoming the great Foreman he is today.

2. A. What or who is a Foreman? It is a job title most commonly known in the construction or the manufacturing industry. What makes a foreman title truly unique and different from other titles is that a foreman is exposed to years of site experience as opposed
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5.A. Tapes- Tape measure explained!
Every construction worker has used a tape measure, although if a tape measure 's purpose is not outlined it can prove to be difficult to achieve the correct results.

1. The measuring tape blade is composed of steel or fibreglass, with each material type having positives and negatives.

-Steel tapes are better at enduring stress and have a longer usage life.

Fiberglass tapes are less expensive and do not rust. When working around electrical hazards, fiberglass blades are more suitable as they do conduct electricity.

6.A. metal cutting snips
Cutting sheet metal is difficult without the correct tool(s), making it sharp and uncomfortable to handle. Metal snips also known as compound snips are excellent for cutting sheet metal. Every construction worker owns or has used a pair of red, green or yellow ones, each color representing a coded purpose.
1.Yellow - designed to cut a straight line.
2.Green - designed to make right clockwise cuts, great for right-handed individuals.
3.Red- designed to make left counterclockwise cuts.
When cutting sheet metal always remember to use safety gloves and eye

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