Using Solar -thermal Cladding ( Solar Activated Facade )

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Innovating Building material
Solar –thermal cladding (solar activated façade)
The innovating building material I am going to write about is The Solar –thermal cladding . This type of cladding is the new type of cladding whereby solar panels are added to the cladding to form a more efficient and sustainable materials for all sorts of buildings. ( Eco building pulse, 2016)

This is a new style where by the solar panels are hidden and are covered by materials such as wood , at this moment in time this kind of technology is building done and placed onto building in the USA., however it has been available in Switzerland for some time . ( Eco building pulse, 2016)

The building material is also known as solar activated façade and has been developed by a few companies however predominantly by a company in Switzerland named Luciodo Solar AG who got the idea from Switzerland-based architect Giuseppe Fent. ( Eco building pulse, 2016)

This type of material is used for cooler cliamtes , as the building material is a use of a thermal storage device , the outer material ( wood for example ) will be angled in the summer to allow for the suns rays to come in and allow the solar energy to be stored up. ( Eco building pulse, 2016)

The way in which this material function is better explained by Swiss innovators Nelson solar that “Solar radiation from the low winter sun is transmitted through the glass facade and absorbed in the louver-structured wooden absorber. Slowly the wood is warmed

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