Sodapop In The Outsiders

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Sodapop Curtis is apart of a gang called Greasers, who go against another gang called Socs. One of the brothers of the main character in the story “The Outsiders” written by S.E. Hinton, is a 16-going-on-17 boy named Sodapop. Socs enjoy jumping Greasers and just overall going against them. Sodapop is one of the kindest Greasers in this book and I’m going to explain why. I would say Sodapop is kind because he is caring, protective, and is aware of people's feelings.

Why do I say he is caring? When his younger brother, Ponyboy, runs away he is extremely worried about him. Ponyboy at one point receives a letter from Sodapop, in which he asks Ponyboy to turn himself in so Sodapop can see him again. Ponyboy said before he even received the letter
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Throughout the story he makes sure Ponyboy is okay and happy. When the big rumble happened, Pony got kicked in the head by a Soc and Sodapop happened to see it. Later on, it proved that Sodapop beat up the Soc that kicked Pony, because Darry says to Pony, “You got a concussion from getting kicked in the head. Soda saw it. He landed all over that Soc.” Sodapop is also protective of Darry, but more protective towards Pony since he’s younger and not as tough as Darry.

Throughout the story, Sodapop is aware of people's feelings and the overall mood of everyone. During one chapter, Sodapop is at the hospital visiting Johnny. When the reporter got there to interview Pony, Soda took the microphone and acted like an interviewer. He made sure not to be too rambunctious or excited because the mood was still serious, which is what Pony points out when he says “I guess he would have enjoyed it more if it hadn’t been so serious.”

That is why I think Sodapop is one of the kindest characters in the Outsiders. He is caring because he wants to know that Pony is okay and in good health. Sodapop is protective beacuse he will hurt anyone who hurts his brothers, and makes sure they don’t get hurt. Sodapop is aware of people's feeling because he observes the mood and acts the way he sees best fit. So, in conclusion, Sodapop is a kind-hearted character and cares for many

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