Socrates : The Icon Of Philosophy Essay

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Socrates came to be the icon of philosophy due to his unique way of teaching which was the Socratic Method which involved questioning ideas and beliefs and then questioning the responses that was received. As a young man Socrates served in the military and fought in three wars. Thereafter Socrates spent the rest of his life preaching and discussing his fundamental ideas with all sorts of people including artists, poets, educators and politicians.
REPHRASE THIS SENTENCE: Socrates had dialogues with his followers that discussed their own lies that they believed about themselves and the world around them and what they thought they knew which at the end showed that they knew nothing.
REPHRASE THIS SENTENCE: Socrates was known as a gadfly going around making everyone realize that they are query to their knowledge.
Although many may say the Socrates was a sophist, Socrates denies being a sophist due to their way of teaching. A sophist would travel around and in an exchange for a small fee would teach people how to talk persuasively and convince the person they were talking to. Socrates rejected their teaching because he believed that they were only teaching how to use the language skillfully in order to manipulate people, instead of using the language to discover knowledge. Secondly Socrates claim that he never taught anything and that he is a man that has no knowledge. ADD THESIS STATEMENT!
In 399 B.C. 70-year-old Socrates was charged with corrupting the minds of the youth and…

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