Socrates Love Is The Most Important Thing In Life

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In this paper, I will argue in that I agree with Socrates’s claim that the most important thing in life is to have the best possible state of the soul, and to have the best soul, one must have knowledge, virtue, and no fear of death. However, I believe love is as important as those other elements. Love is extremely crucial in any persons life. Just like food and water are important fundamentals for survival, love is important for the soul. Love is an intense and passionate feeling for someone else, and starting a new journey with them in hopes for a happy and beautiful life being committed to each other. Yet, others believe that love is just extra, that people could live happily without love. Sometimes love causes many struggles and could potentiality hurt you, so people think it is not worth the time and sacrifice. Regardless of how love can turn out, the experience of being in love and loving someone is just so amazing, that it can be worth everything.

I believe that in order to have the best possible state of the soul, one must experience or have a romantic relationship with a special person. A true romantic relationship consists of emotions, friendship, excitement, vulnerability , passion, sex, affection, trust, and
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Love is a primary emotion needed by every human being because our need for love meets our need to belong and feel wanted. Love is giving yourself to that special person trusting them to cherish you, help you grow, and stay by you no matter the circumstance. Love allows you to see a person for what they are inside. Love is an unconditional commitment to that one special person, it causes a huge range of emotions when you are with

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