Sociology Of The Mind, Soul & Body Essay

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Sociology of Deviance
The Division of the Mind, Soul & Body
We do not live in a world of our own creation. We live in a world that is made up. In the words of James Baldwin an African American Historian, “People invent categories in order to feel safe.” (Dialogue 88-9) In other words people create associations to loosely say ‘I am not that’ or ‘I am this’, to feel a part of something and have a classification for social order. This notion applies to the body as well. People cannot simply understand the complexity of the body in total, so therefore it is classified.
There is always a powerful deviance position of the way we see life. This power determines the reality for most people. The only certainty about this matter is the fact that all social reality is precarious (Dollimore 223). Reality is always changing. To further explain this truth “you could never step into the same river twice” said by Heraclitus1, because the water always changing and always flowing. This brings us back to the idea of body and its reflection of reality. The body is a signifier and has all sorts of effects associated with it, to a diversity of others. By the same token, the body is precarious by definition. Greek philosophers like Socrates and Aristotle viewed the body as a tomb of the soul. Socrates outlook of the body is as a
“helpless prisoner chained in the body, compelled to view reality not directly but only through prison bars.” (Synnott 9) To elaborate, the body is a…

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