Essay about Sociology Is The Systematic Study Of Human Behavior

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You should be Married
Sociology can found in everywhere one which may be found through humor,especially throughout our daily lives. Sociology is the systematic study of human behavior in society (Benokraitis,2016). A joke is a made to generate the reaction of laughter from the audience at which the joke is being told to or shown but from a sociological perspective a joke will be broken down and examined to it’s deeper meaning behind the “joke” and the real humor of it is or and in some cases there really isn’t any humor at all. We then tend to cover up issues with humor but look at who are the ones really laughing. To further explain this joke of this young woman who’s in tiny room with a bed on the floor and a baby at her ankle and a caucasian man in the room telling her she’s being weighed down due to non-marital status ignoring all other factors that are weighing her down the most adding in “unless you’re gay”. Although not being married with a child is a component leading to poverty let’s take a look at many others along with it.
Social Stratification Social stratification is the ranking of people based on their access to valued resources such as wealth, power and, prestige (Benokraitis,2016). Those who have access to wealth, power and, prestige tend to be the ones who have a greater start point to success versus those who don’t. Simply because things like wealth, which is the economic assets that a person or family owns, and since wealth is accumulated over time it…

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