Sociocultural Experience : Second Baptist Church Essay

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We chose the Second Baptist Church in Elgin, Illinois. I do have some background knowledge of religion I growing up with multiple religions, but now I consider myself an agnostic. Definitely, before this experience, I definitely have some preconceived notions of what religion is. To be honest I haven 't had a lot of interaction with my own culture and where I come from. The experience at the Second Baptist Church really has opened my mind up maybe not to become religious, but to be more open to people that are.

The Second Baptist Church is a majority black church which has a lot of history behind the church itself. According to Church History, 25 slaves escaped from a plantation in Alabama, 22 of the slave started a church in the Elgin area. The reason it is called Second Baptist Church is because was named the second church because of they of segregation. Over the years they have had multiple pastors, and they allow women to be pastors as well. Also, it is in a neighborhood that was one of the few where blacks could live near Summit Road. They are very open and involved in the community ("Church History," n.d.).

Before even walking into the church I definitely had some preconceived notions of what a church service should be like and what “those people” do. For example, a church service is usually quite boring, and the people go to them are usually less than smart, those are some of the biases that…

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