Socializing Children Essay

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In the American society today, people have a lot of expectations that parents need to live up to. A lot of people feel like parents are parenting wrong. Another topic is what children actually owe their parents and what their parents owe them. Many styles of parenting make it difficult for a child to be successful and others have made their children to be very well-rounded people. There are many different types of parenting and some are described as good and others are bad.

Parents always socialize their children. There are two ways in which they do this. The first is by providing emotional support. The emotional support that they provide is love, affection, warmth, nurturing, and acceptance. Emotional support shows children that parents care about their actions. The second way is through discipline and control. They seek to limit or change a child’s behavior. There has been research done on three different types of parenting that use different amounts of these two ideas of socializing children. The main point of this research is to imply that children are socialized best when parents set their rules very clearly
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There has been an increase of divorce over the last half century, cohabiting relationships, and single parenthood; all things that could prevent parents from doing what they are suppose to do. American children are said to experience more changes in the household than any other Western country. A study was shown that in the United States there are 8.2% of children who are living with their mothers, who experience three or more maternal partnerships by age 15. This is the highest ranking country, especially compared to the countries of Belgium and Italy who only have .1%. The reason that the United States rates are so high is because we have high rates of marrying, divorcing, and remarrying, and mothers start and end cohabiting relationships more

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