Socialism In Healthcare

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Health Care in America has been a debated issue over time. The question always comes up; who gets it and who doesn 't get health care. Is it an issue of the rich vs. the poor? When it comes to health care and the over all being of peoples health, money should not be an issue. In America we don’t have as many diseases like many other countries and have a higher standard for our health care system. There are many issues involving health care because modern medicine and technology are advancing everyday. Healthcare should be affordable and available to all who need health insurance.

In 2010 the Democratic Congress passed the Affordable Healthcare Act and was signed into law by President Obama. This Act is also called Obama Care. This was a first
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With being in the middle class of society it does not help the majority class. I feel that the Affordable Healthcare Act is trying to make everyone equal like socialism. In America slowly things seem to be shifting to socialism. They want to make everyone equal. It may not seem like a big deal, but if you think about it the Affordable Healthcare Act, ACA, is one step into the direction of socialism. Socialism is where the government runs most things and is not by the individuals. The citizens are all on the same social class because there is no ranking of the high, middle, and low class. Giving ACA to all people is a step into that direction. All people have access to healthcare and is not just for the high and middle class. Yes, it is a good thing that people who couldn’t get healthcare before now can, but alot are just taking advantage of the system. Some people when they just just the flu decide to go to the ER because they can’t get turned away. ER’s are getting over crowded with people who do not even have an Emergency. Wait times in the ER have always been still a wait, but since the ACA, there has even been more of an increase in wait times by about 28-36%.(referralmd) People now are without a primary doctor the people under the ACA so they are using the ER as their “primary

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