Essay On Health Care In America

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Health Care in America has been a debated issue over time. The question always comes up; who gets it and who doesn 't get health care. Is it an issue of the rich vs. the poor? When it comes to health care and the over all being of peoples health, money should not be an issue. In America we don’t have as many diseases like many other countries and have a higher standard for our health care system. There are many issues involving health care because modern medicine and technology are advancing everyday. Healthcare should be affordable and available to all who need health insurance.

In 2010 the Democratic Congress passed the Affordable Healthcare Act and was signed into law by President Obama. This Act is also called Obama Care. This was a first step into getting Health Care to all. It doesn 't matter how poor you are. If you need Health Insurance you can get covered under the Affordable Healthcare Act. The Affordable Healthcare Act has allowed 16.4 million Americans to gain Health Care that haven 't been able to before. That is a massive gain of people in America now being covered and getting the proper care. As people get
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In alot of situations if it doesn 't effect you in anyway you most likely won’t care too much about the issue that is affecting others around you. The upper class who are richer didn’t have an issue paying for their health care while others they couldn’t even get health care. Young adults especially when you are right out of college can’t get covered. Now because of the Affordable Healthcare Act, 2.3 million more young adults are covered with Health Care. If this act wasn’t established so many millions of Americans who need coverage would not be covered.Young Adults are now allowed to stay on the parents insurance till 26 years of age. This allows many young adults to be covered till they grow and prosper in their job till they will be able to cover themselves.

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