Essay On Line Breaking

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A normal practice in the United States is forming a line when waiting for food, checking-out at a store, or anything that requires waiting. It is pretty rare to see someone with the confidence to walk to the front of a line without an explanation or an apology. In fact, whenever anyone, including my friends or family, tries to cut the line in front of me or others, I get pretty heated about it. I was decently nervous about breaking this social norm because it is seen as very rude and it is not something that is accepted by people in our society. I decided to start this rule breaking process on a Monday morning at Peter B’s. There were about 3 people in line and my friend was working the counter. I hesitated before walking to the front of the line, but when I did, people in line were glaring at me. My friend commented on it saying “did you not see the line?” Clearly, she was not amused either, but then I had to decide if I wanted to explain my line-cutting. I asked a few of them about how they felt about me skipping the line and they customers said they were thrown off by this and were pretty mad about it. I explained I was breaking this cultural …show more content…
Normalities are crucial to maintain a civil society, even though there are already laws and regulations. Although law enforcement can monitor the laws and regulations, that does not mean people will get along and society would not be as efficient. As children, people learn about specific rules, mannerisms, and norms that impact entire communities. For people to go out of their way to deviate from what they were taught is pretty daring and is easily not accepted by other members of the community. These norms are taught by individual within the society and the chain continues through generations. Obviously, these practices change over time, but generally, there are trends and norms are

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