Social Phobia Is Fear Of Socializing Oneself With People And Immediate Environment

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In this paper, the issue I am going to discuss is Laura’s social phobia. Social phobia is fear of socializing oneself with people and immediate environment. Social phobia is also known as social anxiety which occurred when a person has an extraordinary or unnecessary fear of social situations. It is also seen as fear of being judged or embarrassed by others and this type of fear can make it difficult for anybody that experience it, to attend school, or any other outside activities. So relating this to Laura’s case, she reported that she experienced anxiety in numbers of different social situations, such as parties, meetings, speaking to people in authority. All the symptoms experienced and reported by Laura make me conclude that cognitive behavior therapy intervention model is more appropriate to help her overcome this social phobia.
Cognitive behavior therapy is a treatment used for examining relationship between thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Cognitive behavior therapy intervention can be used to modify patient thought process about various thoughts that can lead to self-destructive actions and beliefs that lead to social phobia. According to Albert Ellis, irrational beliefs can lead people to dysfunctional behavior. As in Laura’s case, she has irrational belief about herself right from childhood which led to her present state of dysfunctional and subsequently evolve to developing different types of health issues. Cognitive behavior therapy uses key features such as…

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