Social Networking And Its Effects On Our Health And The Privacy Loss

1717 Words May 14th, 2015 7 Pages
The usage of social networks in recent years have become a global phenomenon. People spend many hours per day on social networking and its growing interest, in addition to the great advantages, is creating concerns about the potential consequences on our society. Social networks are not just “a matter of technology”, but they fit into the daily lives of adolescents and the elders, but what effects it may have on the process of communication, relationship and creation of identity? The use of new technologies induces many changes, for example, the relationship with the self and especially with other people. In this essay, it will be examined social networks risks as the new type of relationships among people the impact on our health and the privacy loss. It is difficult to think the modern society without computers or phones. In this sense, our daily experience suffers heavy conditioning, it can change the way we participate in the life of society. Social networking is a highly debated issue; there are definitely innovative aspects, strengths and weaknesses regarding this phenomenon.

An excessive use of the social network can gradually bring some individuals to a restriction of relationships with others, as the virtual world is perceived and experienced "easier" than the reality. One of the main effects that social networking can bring is the distance between the real world and the technological one, since young people tend to hide themselves behind a screen avoiding, in…

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