Social Model Of Health Care Essay

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On the 8th December I visited Royal Berkshire hospital to undertake a consultation with a real patient about a drug they had recently been started on; carbocisteine a mucolytic [1], to see if the consultation framework I follow during sessions at university is applicable to real life.
Using the medicine-related consultation framework (2mona lec) which is derived from the Calgary-Cambridge model(2/3 booklet) meant I would be able to follow a logical order and build up rapport between the patient and I. However, counselling a real patient also meant that I would need to tailor the session to meet the patient needs.
From further reading and lectures, I understood that the best approach was a mutualistic one which involves both the patient and pharmacist in decision making. Past medical models such as the bio-medical (4) have proved to be the wrong way to view a patient as a singular problem or disease.
The transition to bio-psycho-social model of health care underpin the importance of involving the patient in the consultation (3) and provides a holistic treatment which not only deals with the illness or disease but the patient as a whole including behavioural, social, economic and environmental changes(4) that could affect them.
I used the BNF and the patient information leaflet to prepare my counselling points.
I began the consultation with an introduction, confirming patient details and then explaining the purpose of the consultation and gaining consent to continue. I…

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