Social Media 's Influence On Society Essay

1487 Words Dec 18th, 2015 null Page
A person’s reputation can be directly impacted by public shaming, and the invention of social media has made that impossible to escape. The society we live in today has become addicted to social media. The people of the world have put so many things onto their social media accounts that can impact their lives in many ways. No one is safe from the dangers of social media, from regular people to government officials everyone is vulnerable to the evils social media brings to one’s reputation.
In the modern world, people are willing to trade access to social media for less privacy. When signing up for social media, people sacrifice vital personal information to get connected with the entire world. When you put your vital information on social media, you make the information available for anyone in the world to access. From child predators to the government, anyone can access your pages and obtain information about you. People 's reputations can be ruined in seconds due to leaked photos, statements, posts, or statuses. Everything anyone has ever posted online is kept somewhere. Even after you remove something off of any form of social media it will never actually be gone. The federal government can access any information about you, that either you or anyone has posted throughout anytime online. Even a person that has the capability to do so can access these things with ease, for good or bad things. People can easily obtain sensitive material of anyone online and resurface the…

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