The Importance Of Social Media On Society

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In this century, social media is a part of our life. It is related to sociology because it could change our culture and society a lot. Social media is people using some applications and tools to share information and communicate with others in the Internet. Such as, Reddit, Facebook, and Snapchat.
First of the email was sent in 1971. After this email sent, the age of social media begin. In 1980, Bulletin Board System (BBS) came online and let the user can text Nowadays, most of the people have cell phones and some apps to communicate or chat with the others. Social media can help us to communicate with our friends and family members easier and faster. We can chat and text with our friends and family members by using some apps on their
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Some people would get cyberbullying by the other in some social media. Cyberbullying means people using social media to send some text of an intimidating or threatening nature to hurt the others’ feeling. Cyberbullying is kind of an example of conflict theory. In the other case, some of the bully would act total different in the real life and the Internet. They may say a lot of intimidating thing to hurt the other because no one know who are they in the real world. So they would not care about how the perpetrator feels if they say some intimidating thing. Then, the bully and the helper would have the conflict. Cyberbullying would leave the perpetrators have mental scars; some of those scars could not be treated. Cyberbullying would make the perpetrators feel they aren’t belong in this society, they would feel sad. Cyberbullying would drive the perpetrators to suicide. Unfortunately, cyberbullying has spread widely among teenagers, with 42% reporting that they have been victims according to a 2010 CBS News report. This is a very negative effect of social media.
People would put their personal or privacy information into the social media. They want their friends and family members want to read or know it, unfortunately, some people would steal their information and use their information to cheat other people or do some illegal thing.

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