Social Media 's Influence On Society Essay

1172 Words Dec 1st, 2015 null Page
In today’s society, information gets shared by billions of people every day through different means of social media. Whether they are qualified or not, people always tend to share the opinions on social media, usually on events that are happing in our world. This creates a variety of opinions that people from all over the world can see, however, sometimes these opinions effect people, perspectives and can have a really big influence on them. Bullying for example, someone that might have a huge following on the internet (like the most popular kid in school) tend to have a saying in the school which creates a network with a hierarchy. If this popular kid decides that there is someone in his school that is not “cool” or he just doesn’t like him, he can use his power of social media to ruin this kid’s life. Celebrities also have a huge impact on people through social media, especially the ones that have a huge audience, when they an opinion that might conflict with any other celebrity’s opinion it tends to create a huge conflict online. People usually just follow their favorite celebrity’s opinion, just because they admire them however, their opinion doesn’t have to be right or even have any proof to prove it. Surowiecki mentions an example of this in his essay when he says “This wouldn’t matter as much if the authority of higher status people was derived from their greater knowledge. But oftentimes it doesn’t. Even when higher status people don’t really know what they’re…

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