Essay on Social Media 's Influence On Society

1839 Words May 11th, 2016 8 Pages
Essena O’Neil, 19, was one of many young people profiting off the social media industry. Her rise to fame began when she was 12. Over the course of seven years, she became Internet famous, with all the trimmings involved, including sponsorships, thousands of followers and endless attention. Recently, she deleted her social media accounts: Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Her fame, she says, was a product of the illusion of social media. When approached by Buzzfeed, Essena said “I was addicted to what others thought of me, simply because it was so readily available, I was severely addicted. I believed how many likes and followers I had correlated to how many people liked me. I didn’t even see it happening, but social media had become my sole identity. I didn’t even know what I was without it.” Essena’s case is not an uncommon one. Social media has made tens of thousands of common people into celebrities. In past eras, celebrity was achieved by a perception of being better or more talented at something than the common person. Actors, singers and athletes rose to fame by capitalizing on this idea that they are somehow better at being people than the average person. With social media culture becoming more pervasive through our culture, we have made it so that anyone ever can reach star status. “All that seems to be required for celebrity is a ‘hankering for attention’, a will to be seen rather than having anything to be seen for” (Kavka 156). I propose that this movement in our…

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