Social Media 's Effect On Young Adults And Their Relationships

1143 Words May 16th, 2016 5 Pages
Every waking moment various young adults of this century find themselves completely engulfed and wrapped up in social media. As human beings we naturally yearn for connection and belonging. Many people find that it is hard to function without having something to constantly keep them updated in their social circle. Social media plays a massive role in today’s society and also impacts and changes the perspective of many young individuals in today’s world. Social media is said to have a drastic effect on young adults and their relationships. Moreover, not only is it affecting the youth of the world but many adults have also found themselves wrapped up in its clutches. Social media has led to lack of actual real life social relationships and this can be unhealthy. It can be very useful in many cases , but when it is misused it can lead to very negative effects on personal relationships. Social media as a whole violates any private life a person may wish to have. With just a click of a button anyone can find out where someone is or what they plan on doing instantly. For example, the app “instagram” has a feature where anyone is able to click on a person 's profile and trace where they have been after they have posted a photo. This can not only be dangerous but it is an invasion of privacy. Strangers can tap into anyone’s life with a click of a button and discover many personal things about that person. Social media has been said to be the reason for the lack of real life…

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