Why Do Students Use Social Media Detrimental To Society?

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Students from around the world login to their social media accounts online everyday. They use their computers, phones and tablets to go online and check messages, comment on posts, and upload pictures. However social media is not as great as people would think. What students do not realize is that social media can be destructive to themselves and to society as a whole. Social media is detrimental to society for a number of reasons including, being a distraction in the classroom, raising college tuition, and making people antisocial, just to name a few. Social media is detrimental to society because it is distracting to students. As new technology is integrated into classrooms, students, instead of using the new technology as intended, use it for their own entertainment. “Those who run institution of higher education have embraced technology as a mean of furthering education. But they failed to realize the younger generation views technology largely as a mean delivering of entertainment” (Bugeja 202). When students are focused on social media rather than focusing on the information being taught in class, they will fail to achieve academic success. This failure to pay attention will ultimately result in a less educated population for our future society. Social media …show more content…
Face to face interaction is a very important part of human society because it builds real relationships between people, and students would rather send messages online rather than talk to someone in person. “Technology is killing face to face interaction. Going out to the real world is far less appealing when you can accomplishing everything from the comfort of your home” (Gonzalez 51). It is horrendous, that students would rather go online than to have a conversation with someone, because when they do they lose the ability to socialize in the real world. If students continue on with this distractive behavior, the world would be left with reclusive people who’ll refuse to speak face to

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