Social Media Influence On Parenting

Today’s society is heavily influenced by technology, we see technology around us every minute of every day, free Wi-Fi in shopping centres, at old phone booths and even in some restaurants as well as children owning a mobile at a young age to toddlers having iPads and Internet access. With a society so consumed with technology, it leads us to wonder how much influence does it have on parenting? There are so many social media websites and blogs that parents can and do go to, to talk to others in similar situations, to vent and to get information on what do when ‘their child is sick’ or just general parenting tips, so from this it leads to the question of, how do Social media and parenting websites construct the concept of parenting? This will be the question I 'll will explore throughout this study.
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The research on parenting and the influences on it, covers a wide range of subject matter this review will focus on the influence Social media/ Internet has on parents and how they raise their child. Part of this review will look at how the internet influences on parenting may differ when it comes to mothers and fathers, as well as how parent is conceptualised in todays

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