Effect Of Social Media On Relationships

Jose Rodriguez
English 1A
Angela Cardinale
27 July 2016
How Social Media Effects Dating & Relationships for Millennials
Studies have shown that usage of social media by couples has led to conflict. “Kerkhof, Finkenauer and Muusses reported (2011) that in relationships where there was excessive Internet use by one partner, there was also more partner conflict” (Graff 2015). We have all been to a restaurant and seen the people who are on a “date” but are glued to their phones. A big issue that we face today is the negative influence of social media on dating and relationship. Specifically social media has affected the dating game, influenced satisfaction in our relationships and caused us to lose trust in our partners.
At the turn of the century,
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Millennials are becoming less satisfied as it seems you can always find someone or something better. The problem is that this idea of better is a facade. People post the best pictures they can of themselves, and their lives. What we see is not necessarily the situation yet we are deceived by the idea and it makes us indecisive and insecure. The competition is not strictly limited to single people’s point of view, it can happen in relationships too. Seeing other couples on social media can cause us to compare our own relationships and feel that ours does not measure up. It can cause us to not appreciate our situation because we are focused on this online couple’s perceived relationship. In either situation we are concentrating on finding something better and not really looking into the situation that is in front of us and evaluating fairly. It is very difficult to find happiness in a relationship if there is constant comparison. We need to be able to observe what we have and look for happiness there. Social media is fantastic for reconnecting with past friends and acquaintances, but it should not be used as a weapon when it comes to presenting issues within a relationship …show more content…
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