Stereotypes: The Influence Of Social Media

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Living in a time when it is common for people to meet their romantic partner on the Internet, social media plays a huge role in all of our lives. The proportion of couples that have met online has been slowly increasing over the last 20 years and according to a study conducted by Rosenfeld & Thomas (2012), 22% of couples reported that they met their significant other online. Social media obviously playing a role in that number continuing to increase. People use social media as their outlet for sharing their life story publicly to their friends and family. By doing so, often times people over share and get caught up in how many “likes” they get on a picture, or how many “shares” or “retweets” they get on a post. People, especially millennials tend to become obsessed with posting to their social media accounts and portraying a certain life style. Contributing to …show more content…
As mentioned previously, it has been noted that displaying your relationship status on your Facebook profile can add problems to a relationship. Couples feel that once they have made that public declaration to their friends and family that shows as their mutual commitment to the relationship. Friends and family tend to get involved at the point, being concerned with meeting the significant other, wanting to get to know that person, so on and so forth, that the stress of actually being in a relationship continues to build. Once a couple decides to make the decision to share their relationship on social media, they take the risk of letting others get involved. Once everyone knows your business, if things in the relationship start to head south, everyone is going to know that as well. Letting others get involved in your relationship can be stressful enough, especially if it leads to a breakup. Which I think plays a role as to why being “Facebook Official” adds jealousy to the

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