Social Media as a Knowledge Management Tools Essay

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Social media as a KM tool for supporting innovation and sharing
Social media has rapidly evolved and plays an important role in today’s business world. Organizations recognized the power of social media and tried to find ways to use social media to help grow their business. Social media can be incorporated in business practices in areas such as recruiting, advertising, and branding within an organization. According to the Social Media Risks and Rewards report (2013) that contain surveys of more than 100 senior-executives, 38 percent of executives said their organizations used social media for brand awareness, 27 percent use for recruiting purposes, and 14 percent use for customer profiling (Bramwell, 2013). In this section of the paper,
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In addition, the organization needs to ensure there are enough resources to implement and maintain it. Lastly, organizations need to have procedures in place just in case social media gets out of hand (Poyhart, n.d.). Many organizations have successfully integrated social media within their firm’s overall strategy, which increase knowledge-sharing and incremental knowledge creation. As a result of this integration, social media fosters collaborative innovation within the organization and improves communication processes, which are some of the key tasks in many work processes. Effective usage of social media improves team collaboration, employee engagement, communication and customer interaction.
Social media can be used in a formal or informal way. Some of the formal applications of social media outlined by Ployhart (n.d.) are as follow: * Recruitment and selection * Socialization and onboarding * Training and development * Knowledge sharing and transfer * Branding and marketing * Creativity and problem solving * Influencing organization culture
A good example of social media utilization comes from the well-known multinational computer technology and IT consulting corporation, IBM. This organization effectively incorporates social media to help more than 400,000 employees to share status updates, collaborate on internal systems, and share files by using it collaborative

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