Essay on Social Media And The Internet

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As the popularity of social media and the internet has increased, has our society become affected or defected by it? “There are more devices connected to the internet than there are people on the earth” (Bennett). In addition to that, the majority of the world is connected through social networking, which is a good thing. Where there is good there is always comes bad, but in many cases the good can outweigh the bad. While some might say the easily accessed online world is impressive. Having the privilege to keep in contact with people close to you and even with those from other parts of the world, others might argue that its easy access is alarming. On one hand, parents find social media a feeding ground for child predators, and they do play a shocking role in the online world. Back in 2009 Los Angeles Time had an article that explained how many predators were found on one website only. “Myspace has identified and removed 90,000 registered sex offenders from its social networking site. . .” (Giles). While that is a surprisingly large number, Myspace, along with many other websites similar to it, have removed just as many as they have identified. Which brings up the other hand, child safety still being the biggest concern. Sending a child to the bus stop can be just as dangerous as allowing a child to create an online profile. In that short period of time or distance, a person could have easily snatched them up, as we have heard countless stories related to this topic. In…

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