Uses And Effects Of Cyberbullying

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Cyberbullying simply means harming or harassing someone with the use of technology in a recurring manner or when one child target another child with the use of digital technology. It has to be minor on both the sides, once the adults are involved it is not at all called as Cyberbullying rather it is called Cyber Stalking and adult cyber harassment is never called as cyberbullying.
As the use of the technology is increasing day by day cyberbullying is also increasing among the teenagers, due to this many of the students have commit suicide. Cyberbullying only happens when there is a use of Electronic Technology which includes equipment such as mobile phones, computes and now a days tablets too. Examples of
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After deleting text messages or harassing videos it is very difficult once photos are posted either social networking sites or somewhere else.
There was an incident in United States recently, Monica was an 19 years old high school girl who send her nude picks to her boyfriend but a report says that the photos were sent to hundreds of people in that high school. According to the University cyber bullying was going on through social networking sites that is Facebook, twitter etc. After this event Monica hanged herself and committed suicide.
There are also some effects of cyber bulling: - there may not be always computer and cell phone which can be used for cyberbullying, there are many social media sites now a days which are helping teenagers to develop themselves, but on the other side these tools also can be used to harm someone either done by a person or a computer technology the effect is similar.
Effects after a child being cyber
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In the 1st case, in 2006 thane resident make a fake profile of a college girl and posted some abusing comments and phone number of her on the social networking sites, after some days the girl start receiving vulgar messages and calls of unknown people, the police registered her complain and track the cyber cafe from where the student was operating and arrested him, the person was using his personal computer for this purpose of cyber bullying.
In the 2nd case the bride groom posted pictures of a girl drinking liquor and smoking a cigarette on a social networking site after their marriage was cancelled, her second marriage proposal was also cancelled after the photos were leak in the websites. The girl’s father filed a complaint against it and the man is arrested, in this case police failed to investigate the electronic record. The father of the girl was not keen to forward the case hence his daughter was already married by the time.
India comes third in cyber-bullying:-
According to a research of 25 countries survey 53% of the Indian children bullied every year online age between

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