Essay on Social Media And Its Impact On The World

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March 27, 2016, in cities around Europe and North America, people were alerted to check in on their social media applications in order to let people know that they were alright. These people were confused, however, as none of them seemed to be near a disaster, much less the one inquired after: a bombing in Gulshan-i-iqbal Park in Lahore, Pakistan on Easter Sunday. This alert being sent out was a widely-publicized feature added in to Facebook, one of the most popular social networking websites and applications, used all over the world. The goal was certainly to allow victims to notify their families and friends of their safety, but the alert received by people all over opened the door to a new visibility for the disaster that may otherwise have gone unnoticed. People who received the alert largely took to the internet to find out the true nature of the attack, and to spread awareness for it with the keywords #PrayforLahore and #LahoreBlast. These hashtag topics quickly trended to the top of the news, gaining media attention in a way Pakistan rarely saw. On the heels of several other such attacks around the world, Lahore might have faded into a scroll bar on an international news network, were it not for a mistake made by social media. This story makes it clear that the power of social media, whether intentional or not, is to connect and change people around the globe. In a world where most people use social media websites and applications for their phones, humans are able…

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