The Rise Of Social Medi Globalization And Global Privacy

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The rise of information technology paved way for this phenomenon called globalization. One of its main benefactors, social networking sites (SNS) has lead the notion of a more globalized system. With 1.4 billion social network users worldwide in 2012, this growing trend is expected to have 2.13 billion users by 2016 (eMarketer). Simply put, SNS is an instrument used by an individual to connect with others around the world. However, it is more than that. Due to the ease of accessibility, SNS have brought forth global activism and support groups. It also created a new economy in advertisement, forcing markets to adapt new strategies to generate revenue. SNS can fall under negative context, it is a double edged sword as the boundaries of privacy …show more content…
Businesses are jumping onto this new platform to gather information from their demographic audience and deploy new marketing strategies. Doing so will have endless benefits, a few to note are creating new clientele relationships, strengthening current ones, boosting visibility, traffic, reputation, and sales (ISM). One such example of successful marketing is from Nike. They created a new feature to allow customers to customize sneakers off their website. Skeptics said deep customization is too expensive, design-sharing is too complicated, and people need to try shoes on. Wrong! Since the site has took off, its success forwarded Nike to implement this feature to their stores as well (ISM).

The effects of SNS in a globalized system does have their setbacks. One aspect of a downside in social networking is a 'distancing phenomena '. Lemoyne College professor of psychology Krystine Batcho states, "Cyber-bullying is a great example of how social media communication differs from face-to-face. Studies suggest that it takes place in a more extreme way over social media because the authors feel no responsibility” (Graham). It is known that the internet provides a veil of anonymity, so online users feel little to no remorse in attacking someone because there is literally no

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