Online Social Media Analysis

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“Nobody counts the number of advertisements you run, they just remember the impression you make”. The quote from Bill Bernbach, an American advertising creative director points out that marketers are facing difficult situations to impressively market their products and services. The advent Internet is, however, approachable to a number of individuals in social norms. Previously, it was a rare occurrence to access Internet connection, but now, it has become a common place for almost everyone to use online social media in today's society including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. These sites have also become a vital factor to boost up business profits through various digital marketing techniques. The pros seem to outweigh cons on how it will …show more content…
It is cost effective when enhancing Facebook or YouTube to be a part of marketing strategies. In Thailand, analog television can be referred to as the most expensive marketing channel. According to Thairath (2014), it costs firms 500,000 baht per minute for channel 7 during prime time, between 07.00 to 10.00 P.M. The average rate of Television commercial is approximately around 100,000 to 500,000 baht per minute. Therefore, it is not worth wasting such a high amount of money on TV advertisements. Nowadays, social media becomes a wiser option to achieve marketing goals. Online advertisements are getting cheaper and can target audiences more effectively. Moreover, it accurately targets intended audiences, which is known as behavioral targeting. Social applications including Facebook and Twitter enable firms to reach users with specific message based on interests, location, behavior, and demographic. In order to advertise on Facebook, a firm can set a spending limit and how long they want to run advertisements. A Company can change budget or pause advertisements too. The minimum daily budget for cost per click (CPC) is 1 U.S. Dollar or 40 Baht. Therefore, the firm can stay within budget and continue to reach its business objective. For instance, a Mercedes Benz dealership targets Facebook users within 25 miles who own an old model of Mercedes Benz. The dealership can even feature a picture of the new model directly to the owners. Accordingly, the less expenses firm spend on advertisements, the higher profits firm could possibly gain. This shows that creating a YouTube channel or a Facebook account costs a little amount of money but it is effective for increasing

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