Reflective Essay On Facebook

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September 6, 2015 was the day I finally joined Twitter, for a class assignment. The requirements to set up a Twitter account are your full name, phone number, email address, password, and a username. Twitter will automatically suggest you follow your contacts once you enter your email address. Using this feature, I had a list of people I would like to follow and even a few followers almost instantly. A tweet is a 140 character thought, idea, or moment in time that can also feature a photo or video (Twitter, 2015). When scrolling through your Twitter feed it is easy to see what is happening in the lives of your friends, often in real-time; it is like personal headlines for all the people you are following. It is a way to see your friends’ reactions …show more content…
Twitter even has a little tool that will help you to assess the strength of your selected password. Next, if you chose to enter your phone number then Twitter will text you a verification code to add a layer of security to the sign-up process. Then, once you have entered the required information, you will have an active Twitter account. Because this was for a class assignment, I went directly into privacy setting and found it disappointing to discover how loose the default settings …show more content…
Furthermore, I post pictures of my daughter I will likely end up with lots of ads for children’s products and that gets old quick. I have allowed anyone to add me to their team with the idea that if for whatever reason, I chose not to participate in that group it would ultimately is my decision. Lastly, I chose to not allow users to private message me. I already have other social media accounts and would not like to take advantage of that feature on this site until I am a little more familiar with how it works. Being new to this site I appreciate the tutorials on how to get started, and Twitter even provides a glossary that contains definitions for Twitter specific words and phrases (Twitter,

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