Essay about Social Media And Its Impact On Society

1414 Words Sep 25th, 2016 6 Pages
How we chose to communicate with others plays a major role in today’s society. With the uproar in technology, we are able to communicate with others at the click of a button. However, texting is not the only way to communicate with our peers. Social networking has been thriving over the years. Many people point out the flaws in social media, but do not realize how it benefits students in a majority of different ways. Our society should encourage students to become familiar with the beneficial aspects of technology and social media. For example, the use of technology is becoming helpful inside the classrooms. The use of technology is becoming popular in classroom settings and students should be aware of how to use it responsibility. In Erhan Delen’s Article, “Understanding Parents’ Perceptions of Communication Technology Use” “For instance, computers are widely used in school settings. Therefore, it is not surprising to see that teachers in every grade level and content area use technology to improve their teaching as well as to improve students’ learning opportunities.”(23) Overall, social networking benefits student’s literacy development by giving students the ability to share their ideas with others, also allows students to gain knowledge about other cultures, and is fast, convenient way of communicating with their peers. Everyone says we learn from our experiences, and our mistakes. However, we learn an enormous amount of things from our peers and our surroundings.…

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