Social Media And Its Impact On Our Lives Essay

1052 Words Oct 8th, 2016 5 Pages
Overview and Explanation: In our modern society, social media tends to significantly influence multiple aspects of our daily lives, especially when it comes to the work. Most of these digital platforms have been created to improve the worker’s productivity by facilitating the connections between students and businesses everywhere. However, employers are not wrong to assume that their employees are not using these tools for work purposes while on the job sometimes.
It is important for companies to monitor this issue, so that they can ensure that productivity keeps moving forward instead of falling apart and ultimately leading to their downfall.
Context and Background:
To start off, what exactly is social media? Social Media is any technological platform where two or more people (commonly known world-wide) can interact with each other and share ideas, thoughts, discoveries or just entertaining content. Social Media has changed the way we connect with the modern world. People have become extremely more aware of the world we live in today thanks to social media and its ability to spread information like wildfire about anything and everything. There is no need for individuals to make physical contact with the real world and have access to various data right at their fingertips.
Issues and Opportunities: Even though it has become normal to find social media in the workplace, employees need to be able to control themselves and use technology for their intended purpose, instead…

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