Social Media And Its Impact On Our Lives Essay

1198 Words Mar 8th, 2016 5 Pages
Social media has had a major impact on our lives especially on the lives of young adults. It is used around the whole world and is used by millions of people for countless hours during the day. It is used so much that for some young adults it is viewed as part of their lives. Once scientists began to see the major influence of social media, they began researching how it can affect people depending on the amount of time they are on a social media network. Is using social media excessively bad for someone’s mental health? Evidence suggests that excessive use of social media in young adults is linked to cause depression and other mental health issues, therefore too much social media is bad for young adults. Now that social media has been around for almost twenty years many young adults are spending more and more time behind the computer screen. In the article Online Social Networking and Mental Health by Igor Pantic, a Doctor in Medicine and of Philosophy, has recently done a study and says, “In our recent study in a high school student population, we found a statistically significant positive correlation between depressive symptoms and time spent on SNS (Social Networking Sites)” (Pantic 653). Additionally Igor mentions in the same article another study that was done by Kross et. Al in 2013. In this study, they observed the relationship between Facebook use and the individual well being in young adults. The participants in this study were texted five times per day for two…

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